So Long, 2023

Published December 29, 2023 • more posts

2023 has finally come to an end. So, I guess it's time to reflect on what a strange time these last twelve months have been.

I cubed a lot, racking up over 6000 timed solves, my first official average, two new puzzles, and a shiny new PB of 12.71 seconds.
I took a picture of a partial solar eclipse…
…a supernova…
…and various other things in space!
I got really into pop punk :)
I ended a relationship :(
I went to DEFCON again, and I met some neat people.
After a torturous applications cycle of rejection after rejection, I finally started college.
It miraculously snowed in the Bay Area, so of course I built a snowman.
I gave blood for the first time!
And most importantly, through all the triumphs and tribulations… I tweeted like my life depended on it.
art by @87_G0D

This might be the part where I whine about my various misgivings about this past year, but I figure that the time has come to set them aside before they are committed to the historical record. So I'm just going to say that I still think I got a lot out of this year. I met a lot of friends, made a number of cherished memories, and discovered a lot of new interests that I would have never anticipated. And really, isn't that what it's all about?

Upcoming Blogposts §

In writing this blogpost, I ended up referencing last year's reflection, and wow—I didn't do very well on my goal of finishing all the incomplete posts I listed. Oops. Here's the status update on a couple of those:

Along the way, I did end up getting a lot of new blogpost ideas, some of which I am currently working on. Time has been hard to come by ever since starting college, but I still think that blogging is just a great way to share cool stuff and I want to keep doing it.

So.. stay tuned. Because there's always more to come :-)

Until next time,