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August 16, 2022

DEFCON Photo Dump

I made the decision to visit DEFCON this year with some friends, which turned out to be an absolute blast. Here are some pictures of cool stuff that we took during our time there.

picture taken from the wing of our flight showing a sea of clouds, illuminated by the moon
On our way to Vegas.
badge by @IronwoodCyber
Awesome badge by @IronwoodCyber
Badge shenanigans.
equipment at car hacking village
Hacking in progress at the Car Hacking Village.
drink warming device built using refrigerator parts
The device used by the Beverage Cooling Contest to warm up beverages for contestants.
physical setup at ICS CTF
Awesome setup for the Industrial Control Systems CTF.
Possibly the only hat that can also run SNES games.
winning tinfoil hat
A tinfoil hat at the Tinfoil Hat Contest, which would go on to win #1 in function and #2 in style.
our tinfoil hat
...and our entry, for comparison.
guy siphoning isopropyl alcohol for beverage cooling contest
Hackers siphoning isopropyl alcohol chilled to sub-zero temperatures for the beverage cooling contest. (Don't try this at home.)
disassembled voting machine
Disassembled voting machine at Voting Machine Village.
picture of soldering
Badge hacking at the Soldering Skills Village. Fingers were burned shortly after this image was taken.
paper badge made to look like a real badge through decoration
Who says paper badges can't look cool?
RGB lamp we won as a prize
Cool RGB lamp we won for placing 1st in the Mayhem Industries CTF.
DEFCON closing ceremony
The end of DEFCON 30.
picture taken from plane wing of vegas
Heading home...
...but not before one last LAN party! At 36,000 feet, no less.